Apple iPhone 5 Vs Motorola Droid Bionic: Deciding Factor 4G?

Way back in the mists of time (January) we wrote an article about the iPhone 4 vs. the Droid Bionic vs. the Thunderbolt but now the Thunderbolt has been released we thought it was time take a look at the Apple iPhone 5 vs. the Motorola Droid Bionic.

We’ve been writing about these two phones for quite some time and many specs are now official for the Droid Bionic, rumored for release in April (see Motorola product page here). Most of what we know about the iPhone 5 so far though is based on speculation although some things are more certain than others so bear in mind this is based on what we know, or what looks likely so far.

The Motorola Droid Bionic is receiving a lot of attention right now and here at OSM we’ve made no effort to conceal our admiration for this handset, which is not only a 4G phone for the Verizon 4G LTE network, but is also a dual-core processor phone. We’ve just learned that the Bionic will have the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and other specs and features include an 8-megapixel camera, 512MB of RAM and a 4.3-inch qHD display. What will persuade many people to pick the Droid Bionic though, are not only its impressive specs but also the 4G capability, which will give high performance speeds.

Apple’s iPhone 5 looks likely to hit in June, although a recent rumor speculated later. Specs for the iPhone 5 are not confirmed but hit the link if you want to see our roundup of speculation and questions. The Droid Bionic, as previously stated, is coming to Verizon but the iPhone 5 is likely to be available on at least AT&T and Verizon. Although we’re pretty sure it will have a dual-core processor A5 processor, the same as the recently released iPad 2, it’s looking very unlikely that the phone will be 4G like the Bionic.

Josh Smith over on GottaBeMobile talks about the likelihood of 4G for the iPhone 5 and reckons we shouldn’t count on it for 2011. The HTC Thunderbolt, a 4G phone recently released, has received complaints about its poor battery life, largely because of its use with the 4G high-speed network. Apple won’t want to risk not getting it right for the iPhone 5, especially after the antenna fiasco with the iPhone 4 and will hold off a 4G iPhone until the technology is well and truly ready. Mike Lamy of BostInnovation similarly expects a 4G LTE iPhone later rather than sooner, when both AT&T and the Verizon 4G networks have a wider coverage.

We all know that the iPhone 5 will be a smash hit, whether it’s released with 4G or not, but there is reason to believe that many more people will opt for a 4G phone like the Motorola Droid Bionic, if the next iPhone doesn’t have 4G. What are your thoughts on this? Would you rather have the next iPhone and all the frills it’s likely to feature if it’s only 3G capable, or would you rather have an Android smartphone such as the Motorola Droid Bionic, which let’s face it, has pretty good specs, as well as that 4G LTE potential. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this so please do send us your comments.

  • t0mmymack

    3G iPhone 5.

    • parker

      what are u stupid?

  • scott reynolds

    I think I am going with the Motorola bionic, the specs are wonderful, and do not need the iPhone with 3g. I have a car charger and an AC charger at my desk. Plus 4g will not be in my area for 12 months. Would rather my handset be ahead of the network than the network ahead of my handset. :-)

  • rhassall

    I would purchase the iPhone 5 only if it has improved multi-tasking and integrated web-based flash to view video on websites, Facebook and the like!

    • reelb1gskunk

      iphone will never have flash

  • Devine

    I would rather have the Droid Bionic. I have been waiing since January for this phone to be released. Very excited to hear it has a possible release date some time in Apri. I love the Android system.

  • ENKI

    ive owned an iphone 3g and a mytouch 3g slide android and tho im interested on the specs of the iphone 5 the droid bionic is just too beast im waiting till june whichever comes out first will be my new phone with verizon:)

  • A. Sceptic

    I won’t buy Steve’s Walled Garden. :-(

    Bionic! 😉

  • MrJusTalkin

    I've been waiting on the iPhone 5 and will continue to wait. It will be a tough call, though, if it isn't 4G. Everyone makes apps for the iPhone, but more and more are making them for Droid as well. The Bionic is equal to what the iPhone 5 will be if both have 4G. Given the advantage of the apps the iPhone 5 is for me unless it doesn't have 4G. Without it the iPhone is handicapped and you are stuck with 3G for 2 years. That will be hard to swallow. I guess I'll have to decide when it arrives.

  • @avaswa

    I find it funny how people fall for the marketing junk dished out by Motorola & HTC. Their phone are horrible & poor wannabes of the iPhone. I'd rather go with the iPhone & wait for 4G until they get it right. I am also scared to go with anything Google, they have inferior products & they control our lives now.

    • Tomer Shapira

      somebody does not know anything about android.

    • princeplanet

      It is good that you do not use Google Navigation or Google Voice or Google Chrome. You would be scared to use some of the best software out there for free. You need to stay ignorant and unimformed while the world passes you by. Stay safe in your walled garden and do not navigate, speak or browse elsewhere.

    • trob6969

      Inferior?! iPhone’s poor antenna design and no removable battery and no SD card slot after all this time! Its pitiful how all you apple fanboys STILL refuse to admit that iPhones are outdated even when shown the specs side by side with the CLEARLY superior other phones on the market today

      • Rustem

        iPhone antenna issue is a myth, never managed to reproduce it though tried hard and in a variety of conditions. I too gave up Google for Yahoo recently after doing some research on what they do and what their agenda is, and it’s been fine so far. What a lot of people seem to not get when they are splitting hairs with CPU speeds and memories on phones, is that modern mobile device industry is not about that, but about getting a well-balanced SERVICE (rather than a piece of hardware) that won’t let you down and will stand up to your expectations.

        • Parker Ray Hutto

          thats actually not true at all ? steve jobs even called a press conference to discuss it long ago…. fact check before you speak your mind. And as for standing up for expectations, how is that …… the iphone clamed to be the best when it came out yet the evo and the droid x were better in many ways and yet you still are a fan boy of apple? Why… do u not know have to use phones so u need an easy os to tell u and control what you do? Just accept fact… you can do more on android phones expecially on the bionic and atrix. i think u just think the i phones are better because there shiny and mainstreem.

    • Lisa

      Droid’s are an excellent phone and I personally haven’t had any problems with anything that is Google powered. Have you even had an android phone to be able to intelligently make a comment?

    • Taylitor

      People need to calm down on both sides. NEITHER is superior. iPhone has many features that are unmatched by any phone on the market due to the fact that they were the first to realease a smart phone with these capabilities. However… other manufacturers have caught up in a hurry. The only real difference anymore is what people call the "walled garden". iPhone does seem to work more fluidly than any other touch screen phone and it's display is the best out there so far. It even seems to take better pictures due to better hardware than phones with higher megapixles. But… for me to add widgets, change my text tone, or the background color in my text message app… I have to jailbreak my phone. That is where the iPhone is definitely inferior. I have had an iPhone from the beginning and have had nothing but good things to say. However due to the fact that other phones are on the same level now… I will be switching to android. I'm tired of having to re-hack my phone and put all my setting back the way they were every time I update. But people need to relax and realize that liking one phone or operating system isn't a personal attack and stop making such bold statements about how one phone is SO much better than another… because you'll be wrong

  • Steve

    Droid Bionic. How could there be a question on this? Choosing an iPhone would be a "religious," not logical choice. Why go with 3G when an exceptional phone is available with 4G capabilities? Android is an amazing operating system. Apple never read the case study for Sony/Betamax vs. RCA/VHS. Their institutional memory is only a few years old and they still have much to learn about how to operate strategically.

  • Lisa

    Heck yea I’m going with the IPhone. Not because it’s good or anything, but when I’m sitting in the lobby at the W with my COUCH Hand Bag, Vera Wang sunglasses, and my Apple laptop, I want to be the hippest kewlest looking && walking.

    • d

      I hope you never breed

      • Pam

        LMAO,,,,Lisa's comment is obviously dripping with sarcasm! For one, it's a COACH handbag, not "COUCH"! Anyone who is in to aesthetics would know how to spell the brand names! My guess is she's making fun of the people who are keeping with the iphone JUST because of the name behind it. Like with the other "hip, kewl" objects she was mentioning!
        As for me, I'm going for something 4G. More than likely, a Droid. I'm not "hip and kewl". I don't care about the name, I just want the best phone! :)

  • Eric

    Android phones are iPhone wannabees? Is that why they followed Android’s lead to front-facing cameras and wifi hotspot capability? Is that why the new iPhone will add a bigger screen (like Android already did), voice commands (like Android already did), dual core processor (like Android already did) while still mandating its own control over music playback and default browser?

    4g would really help them stay competitive, they’ve already lost their market lead. A 3g iPhone 5 would be just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    • C-DeL

      PREACH! Thats the truth right there!

    • d

      Bionic all the way LOL. Titanic LOL classic

    • Lisa

      Couldn’t agree with you more……

  • DaveS

    I'm due for renewal in June, so Bionic sounds good. I'm switching from Windows to Android – so what is the best replacement for syncing Outlook on 2 computers with mobile center/activesync? Thanx


    Until I heard about the Bionic, I was completely for the iPhone 5. I have the newest iPod TOUCH and that is like a nice preview of an iphone for me because my parents wouldnt buy me an iphone. After hearing about the Bionic, i don't know what i'll do because the iPhone 5 is the top of the line, while the Bionic is the top of the line for Android phones. I guess I'll have to look at the final specs and see which is right for me. Anyone have suggestions?

  • Tomer Shapira

    Bionic all the way. I have the original motorola droid (and the galaxy s tab) right now. I love the way that android works. I was considering an iphone before my droid, but as you can see, I bought the droid. My dad actually just bought the iphone 4 for verizon. I compared it to my phone and what do you know! My phone can do more than his phone, and mine is older!

  • Jeff Rickel

    Not having a 4G option on Verizon for awhile could really hurt the iPhone if the Bionic is as good as it looks. There are a lot of tech geek iPhone users who will be chomping at the bit for 4G and if Apple wants to wait until iPhone 6 to do it then they might lose marketshare. It won't break Apple, but it may diminish them, especially if they are late to the LTE party. We'll have to see if RIM has a LTE phone in the works for VZW and if Windows Phone also will be doing LTE soon. If they get them out ahead of Apple, they might see a lot of people jump ship.

    Of course if Apple does do a LTE iPhone and it is exclusive to VZW then AT&T will be looking at iPhone users jumping ship. They are not going to catch up to VZW in LTE deployment. And if they can't buy T-Mobile then they'll never have the 700Mhz spectrum to cover the country in LTE. Verizon is pushing this out in a major way and already has the best 3G coverage. In two years that whole network will be LTE and then comes upgrading LTE to 100mbps.

  • Scuba Steve

    Bionic, hands down.

    Better to have a 3G Droid than a 5G Apple.

    Okay, all kidding aside, the specs on the bionic sound pretty impressive.

  • David Azizi

    Droid Bionic!!!

  • Raymond

    If your into this one world system then iphone 5. If you're still a independant thinker then droid

  • Chris

    Ok I just Hurd about the droid bionic about 1 week ago. Last year inwas I huge I phone fan I mean I had it the first day the iphone2 came out. But as soon as I used a droid x I sold my iPhone and got a droid.


    there slower, smaller, worse cakes ever!, and the speakers are softer then he’ll

    Droid wins hands down!

  • DC Christopher

    Hardware specs and wireless technologies will not matter so much when you are comparing Android 2.2 against iOS 5. After several expensive "beastly" Android handsets (including the Moto Droid family and a Vibrant), I have had it with half-baked hardware/software. Android 2.2 was great only in that it was a relief from 2.1 but now we need a relief from that!?!?!? Google can call me when they have ironed out the kinks (hopefully in 3.0+). I have found peace in a 2-year old iPhone 3GS I bought for my sister a while back. I got her an iPhone 4 for Xmas and kept the 3GS so that I can finally have sanity in my life. It's so nice not having to reboot every day just to clear the cog webs, or keeping the phone connected to the charger all day, or having applications freeze up on me, or have a screwy GPS, or constantly research "underground" ROMs because the manufacturer/carrier could not care less to keep it updated, or, or … the only apps that act up on my iPhone are Google apps. Hmmm …

  • Glennchun

    I’ve got a DROID X & a few my co-workers have iphones 3 & 4. They’re always complaining about losing internet connectivity. I have to look up things or get latest sports scores for them. For me, I(diot)phones can’t compare. I’ll have a BIONIC as soon as they arrive!

  • rubes

    4g is the determent… i give apple props for fit $ finish… but if they stick with 3g… Bionic it is.

  • Tucker

    Bionic for sure. You just can’t beat the speed it will bring to the table. IPhone is great. They are just set in stone with what you can do, no customization. Apple better step it up or they are going to lose more customers to Verizon. I know I’m switching.

  • Agostino

    I am currently a Blackberry Tour user with Verizon. I am eligible for an upgrade in October of this year, so by then the Bionic and iPhone 5 will be available and maybe others that have yet to be announced. I am leaning now, though, towards the Bionic because of the specs and Android operating system, plus the Bionic has a much larger battery so battery life may be better. Any thoughts about this?

  • Parker Ray Hutto

    Its funny how people say that the iphone is simply better not stating any pure evidence to prove there opinion at all lol apple fanboys….. Android is simply better.

  • sogold

    iphone for me and bionic for my husband.
    I am not that tech savvy nor do I need all the bells and whistles that the droid comes with, i should get a simple phone but the sad fact is that I am victim of shallowness and therefore prefer the iphone due to esthetics (embarrassed) well if they offer a white one so it can match my laptop. go ahead shoot me!
    My husband on the other hand, is a computer engineer and goes just over the moon with new high tech gadgets.

  • Macaulay

    Iphone all the way, I had a 4, sold it and bought an android. Im sorry but can this POS hold a charge!? When I’m traveling or going about my buisness I don’t want to have to worry if I’m going to need to charge my phone all the time! And then I have to spend another $100 on a damn memory stick on top of the phone!? No. I want something out of the box ready to go. The iPhone experience (in my opinion) is so much smoother and streamlined, it just works… Now there are some nice Android phones out there and props to Google coming up to speed, and now setting the bar but i’m going back to Apple because it just works…

    O and of corse Android Outsells iPhone, They have 20 phones out there on all carriers and iPhone just got on two. I’d like to see there be only 1 android phone and one iPhone. Wonder what would happen… Thoughts?

  • megan

    I have been up for renewal since Oct 2010 and have been very patiently waiting for the release of the new phones. I currently have a BB curve and SO want some speed. I played with a droid x and an iphone 4. I honestly loved the droid x better. I have been going back and forth but I plan on patiently waiting AGAIN for the bionic. I am so ready for a change.

  • Dj

    the only way the iphone 5 will be a good competetor whith te droid bionic is to have verizon’s 4g lte speed