Apple iPad 2 Twitter App Updated: Video/Photo Capture

If you’re lucky enough to own an iPad 2 then chances are you haven’t had to go through all the drama that customers in the UK had to go through, we recently reported about the troubles people were facing when trying to order this device from the UK Apple Store.

For those of you that have their iPad 2 and use the official Twitter app to keep up to date with all your tweets and trends we have some news for you, this popular app has recently had an update which adds video/photo capture.

This post from tells us this update to the IOS application makes use of the iPad 2’s dual camera system, the new feature will allow users to capture both photos and videos directly from the application and upload them via a tweet.

Anyone that wants to check this update out can find it in the App Store by following this link here, along with this new feature users can also expect to see some bug fixes which were causing the app to crash when being used by certain Apple devices.

This latest version of Twitter could be one of the best ways to share your pictures and videos taken with your iPad 2, in the last version of this app we saw the introduction of a few new features like Quick Bar and Location Based Trends. Did you make use of these last updated Features?

What are your thoughts on this new feature? Is there anything that you would like to see added on the next update?

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