Your Vehicle’s Previous Life Made Simple With “Check My Ride” & Facebook

For some of us cars are purely functional items to get us from A to B, for others vehicles become like a member of the family sharing fond memories of trips within their time of ownership. But as we feel the need to update items in our lives, the car will eventually get traded in for the newer model.

While the majority of us will cast aside previous thoughts of our departed automobile, others savor the good times and occasionally wonder where their old car is?

This is now made possible through social networking site “Check My Ride,” a system that allows you to track information about your old ride. With the use of Experian, various snippets of info and pictures can be entered along with the vehicles registration number to access where the chosen automobile was originally registered before it came into your possession.

For those of you who wish to use the service, connection can be made with other owners through social networking site Facebook from which you can also gain a free AutoCheck history report for the vehicle that you are currently driving.

To give you an example of how Check My Ride works, Keith Barry at used the system to track 3 of his previous rides. He was able to discover how one particular vehicle hadn’t been used since 2007, the same year that he parted with it. His next acquisition was consequently ferried around most of the U.S. before finally meeting its maker in the hands of the big car crusher in the sky.

Are you the sort of person who wants to know what happened with their old banger? Or are you like me and once gone easily forgotten?

  • Mark J Daniels

    Is this a US only service…?