Twitter Malware: Security Issues Through Time

Here at OSM we like to keep you informed with all things Twitter-related and know how many of you are enthusiasts of this popular social networking site. However, over the years Twitter has seen its fair share of malware and security issues and now we have information about an infographic looking at the history of Twitter malware through time.

We do enjoy a good infographic and recent examples we’ve brought you are one about LinkedIn reaching a milestone of 100 million users and another that looked at the celebrations surrounding St. Patrick’s Day. This infographic about Twitter Malware came to our attention from Jolie O’Dell over on Mashable and was put together by Kaspersky Lab’s blog, SecureList.

Although there are many positives about Twitter it, like other social platforms, has been used on occasion to spread viruses across the web, and the first time according to the infographic was back in April 2007 when a PIN code option evolved after an SMS authentication vulnerability which allowed people to update other people’s status via text. Another 11 instances of security issues follow including one in April 2009 when multiple variants of an XSS worm hit Twitter. As the worm did its damage, thousands of messages arose with the name “Mikeyy” in them.

The last on the list was in September 2010 and known as the “MouseOver” exploit and pop-up ads and links to ‘adult entertainment’ sites were enabled by this exploit. For the full infographic and much more information check out the Mashable link above. Have you ever been a victim of Twitter malware and do you think this kind of thing is inevitable? Let us know with your comments.