Twestival 2011 Twitter Global Festival: Join In – plus video

Today, March 24, sees Twestival 2011 and in case you hadn’t heard of Twestival, it’s a global Twitter event with cities across the world taking part to raise money for local causes. This year also sees the added initiative of worldwide fundraising for Save the Children in Japan.

In London for instance money will be raised for homeless charity Centrepoint, while in New Zealand, Twestival Auckland will be raising funds for the Red Cross in Christchurch following the recent earthquake there. The country of Tunisia is also joining Twestival for the first time following the recent uprising dubbed the ‘Twitter Revolution.’ There will be events from as far afield as Dakar in Senagal, New York City in the U.S.A and Delhi, India. You can see a video about Twestival below this story.

Twestival 2010 raised a huge amount of money and involved more than 175 cities globally, according to Joanne McCabe on Metro, and saw celebs such as Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton donating items to be auctioned. It’s a great way to raise money for local causes and also this year of course, the extra worldwide initiative for Japan following the recent tragic quake and tsunami.

You can check out a list of countries and cities across the world with Twestival events taking place at here. A nice phrase that sums up the work of Twestival from the official site is ‘Think global, act local.’ From the list you can find out about all the different events, where to attend, and how to donate and volunteer. You can also find out the individual Twitter page details for each city.

What are your thoughts on Twestival 2011 and are you planning to join in any of the events? What’s going on in your area? Let us know with your comments.