The Samsung App Store: 100 Million Download Milestone

When you think of the word ‘App’ what automatically springs into your mind? For most the initial thoughts might be to do with the Apple Store for an iPhone, for others it may be more to do with the Android Market for Android mobile phones and for other groups it may be more to do with your favorite Facebook app.

Today that’s not what we want you to be thinking about and it’s pretty important that you put them to the back of your mind as we have just received an email from a company called Shiny Red who wanted to inform us of some news. The Samsung App Store has managed to reach the 100 million downloads milestone.

Now you are possibly thinking the same as we did… Samsung has an App Store? Quickly followed by, what’s it called…? Are Apple suing them? Surprisingly we don’t think so but what we can tell you is Samsung Apps actually have some decent ones available for downloading including Plants Vs Zombies.

Of course there are quite a few more different apps, more than 13,000 of them. The downloads that occurred have quite a European influence with France, Germany and Spain pulling in around 40% of the total as informed by Dan Nystedt over at Network World.

Have you been downloading apps on the Samsung App Store or weren’t you aware of it? Let us know in the comments section below.