New iMac 2011 Release Rumor: Refresh April/May with Thunderbolt

You may remember that when the MacBook Pro line was recently refreshed for 2011 there had been speculation that the new iMacs would be unveiled at the same time. Sadly this did not arise at that time and we don’t want to get our readers’ hopes up but it seems that there is fresh news that the new iMac 2011 line may be coming in April or May.

News of impending new iMacs will please a lot of people and we know from the many comments to our iMac stories, just how many of you are waiting for news on refreshed iMacs. On our posts about what you’d like to see on the new iMacs and also about how much you’d be willing to pay for higher-specification iMacs, there are a lot of suggestions that people want the latest Sandy Bridge processors and also the new Thunderbolt technology, as on the MacBook Pro refresh.

News of the refresh coming in late April or early May comes to us from Slash Lane on Apple Insider and the rumor originated from a comment from CNet’s BrianTong on Twitter. His tweet said, “EXCLUSIVE: My Sources: New iMacs en route by ocean to U.S. available end of April or 1st week of May. No major cosmetic changes.” Tong is also reported to have said that he is confident of his sources and that the new iMacs will have the latest Sandy Bridge processors, that so many of our readers want to see, and are also expected to feature the Thunderbolt port.

We would certainly be surprised not to see the latest Sandy Bridge processors or Thunderbolt on the new iMacs and know that many people would be disappointed if those don’t make an appearance, but it’s also good to hear something of the release date and April or May is not too much longer to wait. Leander Kahney on Cult of Mac tells more about the 4-6 week shipping date and points out a refresh for the iMacs is overdue according to their Interactive Buyer’s Guide which you may want to take a look at.

In the meantime why not check out our previous articles, linked to above, and add your comments about what further features you’d like to see and how much you’re willing to pay. Are you waiting for the new iMacs 2011? Let us know with your comments.

  • Mario Verdin

    I am surely one that's been waiting for this new puppy to come out!!.

  • Dave Sheremata

    I'm also waiting for the updated iMac. As a musician with a 5 year old iMac, I sure could use a performance boost – but now with Thunderbolt I'll be able to attach unlimited storage without impeding my audio interface's Firewire or USB throughput.
    I'd be equally if they'd simply add an eSATA port though…

    • Dewi Jones

      just out of interest, what audio interface do you use with your mac? thanks

  • Linus

    I do want a smaller iMac, like for example 17 inches..

    • Joker

      LOL. Then but MacBook pro. 17" LCD is so out of date…

  • Piper

    And plz put a HDMI om it in stead of the silly miniport.

    • Ryan

      You do realize the miniport is the thunderbolt port. Plus, the whole point of the miniport was so you could do more than one type of hookup =|

      • tom

        It's the other way around. thunderbolt won't work on minidisplayports, but thunderbolt ports are backwards compatible and will act as minidisplayports as well.

  • M Nice

    I am eagerly waiting the release of a new imac

  • Eric

    I hope intel makes a DESKTOP i7 extreme and then put that in the imacs.
    Use the fastest processer spped.
    Have dual and quad and possibly 6 core processers.
    Upgrade the ati's to the amd readon.
    Cheaper SSD and 0.0002% chance of flash storage.
    Make 8GB ram standard.

  • Newbie to Mac


  • Liviu

    I just raised 1200 euro for my first apple computer… and I don't know what to choose: new macbook pro early 2011 or to wait for the coming of the new iMac…

    • YoungJae Seol

      IMac performance is betterrrrr than new macbook pro. Whether 2010 imac or 2011 imac__
      mackbook pro is mobile.

  • mike

    is imac coming out with a black color 27 inch soon?

    • Jesus de Veracruz

      No, the Imac will never be black.
      There have been rumours however, that the "blackbook"( the black MacBook)as it was called will be resurected by Apple when they refresh their MacBook line.

  • YoungJae Seol

    New imac shipping time is 4~6 week? :((
    it`s too hard