Facebook Vs Adult Entertainment: Which Is More Popular?

Facebook is the worlds current largest social network with an army of more than 500 million users which continues to rise. Not only that but to keep the users happy they are constantly updating and making tweaks here and there to improve their service and user experience.

Some of the changes that we have seen recently include the post button being removed from the comments and replaced with a tap on the Enter key, Places going global and also suggesting other locations that you can check-in to. This brings us to ask a question, which is now more popular – Facebook or adult entertainment?

One of the biggest sources of income and probably the most profitable on the Internet is the adult entertainment industry. We are aware that there are thousands of sites created daily trying to get you on them and for some it works, but is it as popular as the biggest social networking craze we have ever seen?

Over at allfacebook.com author Jackie Cohen has compiled a report that says Facebook’s traffic in the UK is greater than that of pornography. Social media sites are accounting for almost 12.5% of all UK web traffic. Entertainment that includes pornography pulls in around 12.2%.This is the first time that we have seen Facebook outranking porn among web surfers.

There’s an important stat that shows it’s not only Facebook that’s popular in social media as 1-in-8 users leaving a social network immediately visit another. The image we have used is courtesy of Failbook and you can read more about the stats from Experian Hitwise.

What do you think of Facebook outranking adult entertainment? Did you see that coming? Let us know in the comments sector below.