AT&T to Enable Access to Amazon Appstore After All

Earlier this week we told you about the launch of the Amazon Appstore for Android apps, which went live on March 22. We noted at the time though that people using AT&T devices might have problems as AT&T usually blocks apps that are not from the Android Market. We have news now that AT&T and Amazon are working together and in future, Amazon Appstore apps will be available to AT&T users.

AT&T has now set up a site especially to deal with this issue, which you can find, at and if you sign up you’ll hear all the latest information about it. The news comes to us from Quentyn Kennemer over on Phandroid, sourced from Amazon. Android smartphone owners have been unable to use the Amazon App Store so far but it seems that AT&T has either listened to customers dismayed not to be able to use the new Amazon alternative, or AT&T and Amazon may be partnering to pre-install the Amazon Appstore on future devices or on current ones with a software update.

A statement on the website that’s been set up says, “AT&T is working on allowing purchases and downloads from the Amazon Appstore for Android in the near future. Please select your AT&T Android smartphone from the list below and provide your email address so we can notify you after we have finalized our plans to bring the Amazon Appstore for Android to AT&T customers.”

Since the Amazon Appstore was launched a free game has been offered daily starting with “Angry Birds Rio,” with today’s game being “Doodle Jump,” and we think that the Amazon Appstore has a great potential to be very big indeed so it’s a good job that AT&T has seen sense. Mark Raby over on TG Daily also reports on this AT&T move and says that owners of the Atrix 4G, Inspire, Captivate and Aria will receive notification if they leave their e-mail addresses, of when they will be able to access the Amazon Appstore.

What are your thoughts on AT&T seemingly becoming more open-minded to the Amazon Appstore? Let us know with your comments.