Asda Drop Price Of Samsung Galaxy Tab

Recently we brought you the news of the new Samsung Galaxy Tabs which were announced a few days ago at CTIA, these new devices come with a host of new features and will be available in both 8.9 and 10.1inch variants.

For anyone that doesn’t want to hold on for the release of these new devices, but is still interested in owning a Galaxy Tab device then we have some news for you. Supermarket giant Asda have just slashed the price of the original Android Tablet PC.

According to this article by T3 this price drop has gone from £437 down to just £300, this slice is one hell of a difference from the release price we saw of £799. Although this device is a little dated compared to the iPad 2 (which launches tomorrow) you can still expect to receive a good quality device packed with loads of features.

It’s not clear if the supermarket has an unlimited stock pile of the Galaxy Tab or whether they are looking to just clear what little stock they have remaining, we’re not sure if this offer is available in store but thanks to this post from Reg Hardware we can confirm that it is available online. If you want to take advantage of this you can follow this link through to Asda’s homepage here.

This tablet was one of the first released that was to rival Apple, although it didn’t quiet manage to topple the iPad we like to think that Samsung set the path for other manufacturers to follow.

What are your thoughts on this price drop? Is this a fair price to pay for the Galaxy Tab?

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