Another Facebook Update: New Friend Request Testing

Facebook is at the front of a lot of people’s minds in terms of social life and arranging different things. With more than 500 million members worldwide there are constant changed happening across the site that often confuse current members.

Some of the changes that we have seen so far are the post button for commenting being replaced with a simple tap on the Enter key, Places going global and different locations being suggested when checking into places. A few of the changes are perhaps geared around the updates to the Facebook Deals that have been introduced and of course will be further developed and integrated deeply into the number one social networking site. Today we have another Facebook update to tell you about, this time it’s a new friend request style that is currently being tested live on Facebook. (The below image is courtesy of

We learned of this through a reported on where Jackie Cohen where she explains how Facebook users are putting the new style through its paces on the live network. She explains that some users who have the settings enabled to receive email notifications on new friend requests now receive messages with a new layout.

Included in the new notification style is some basic information about that person and their activity on the site including the number of friends they have, the number of photos there are, the number of all posts they have and the number of groups that they are members of. This should be a good way to filtering out the spammers which normally have similar attributes which we explained in this earlier post.

Have you guys experienced the new Facebook Friend Request style? What do you think of it? Tell us in the comments section beneath.