Twitter Complaints Rise Over Temporary Loss Of Netflix

Social networking site Twitter is growing in popularity and although it is still behind Facebook in terms of user numbers, it is still offering a place for the everyday person as well as the celebrity figure to either tweet messages, have a good old rant, announce events and celebrations and so on. Instead of a footballer or famous face being at the centre of attention, today its the turn of streaming service Netflix.

Just yesterday, well in fact approximately 8 hours, the service which streams content over the internet went down, the first outage of this year, and as Peter over at PR News reported, many of you aired your disappointment on Twitter. Still at this present time, we have no idea as to the reasons behind the service suddenly stopping as no explanation has come from the company. The last official time the streaming platform went down was the month of October 2010.

As PR News reported, complaints were also noted from some of you who were having problems with your Roku Box and PlayStation 3 gaming console due to the downtime.

Many of you turned to Netflix’s official Twitter page to air your concerns, as well as trying to find out a solid explanation only to be told that Netflix was aware of the problem and were doing their best to rectify it. The issue for users it seems, was the lack of communication between Netflix and themselves.

Tell us were you one of a number of people affected by the outage, and did you turn to Twitter? Let us know.

  • Disappointed

    I couldn't be more disappointed with Netflix steaming service. I want to watch decent movies – not low budget 1980's flix that never made it to the theater. I cannot believe I am paying $2 less for absolutely NO content. Seriously – this is pathetic.