SE Xperia Play Gets 1 Month Exclusivity On BackStab Game

For those who have pre-ordered their Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, or just plan to line up on the release date, you may want a little more detail on the kind of games you can look forward to. We can confirm that an action adventure game called BackStab will be available exclusively on the Play for 1 month.

After the 1 month exclusivity period, it is likely that BackStab will make its appearance on Android and iPhone, as reported by Pocket Gamer. Mobile publisher Gameloft announced the Sony only deal and also plans to have another 10 of their games on the handset upon launch. According to Cnet there will be 6 pre-loaded games on your Xperia Play, with 50 others available from the Playstation Suite Store for starters.

BackStab is as we mentioned earlier an action adventure game set in the Caribbean during the 18th century. Cnet has described it as an “epic story of revenge” with a piratey theme which should make for entertaining gaming. BackStab reportedly sets the benchmark graphically and technically for video games on smartphones.

We spoke earlier about the success of Sony’s ads and how they can keep the product on your mind with their wow factor. This is no exception with the Xperia Play, as Kristen Schaal perfectly delivers a humorous ad as well as the message that Sony’s new smartphone is not to be messed with. We have featured one of the ads for you below; however the language is a little saucy at times so watch it yourself before showing the kids.

More of Kristen’s Xperia Play ads
can be found by following the link to one of our earlier articles by Tim Olasson. Do the adverts have an effect on you which makes you want to buy the Play? Either way we would love to know what you think so tell us in the comments. Also tell us if the 1 month exclusivity deal on BackStab will have any baring on the Xperia Play’s success.