Motorola Xoom Stops June: Replacement On The Way?

For some of us the Apple iPad 2 isn’t the “be all and end all” of tablet devices, the appeal for an Android based slate outweighs the need for Apple’s iOS.

With this in mind, a majority will turn to Motorola and their Xoom tablet. The device which from the very beginning was reported from many to be too expensive and launched without the inclusion of Flash support has in fact been ticking the boxes for many customers.

But if recent news is anything to go by, then the Xoom may not be available to purchase after the month of June. News from Slashgear via AppleInsider has stated that Motorola will slowly downsize the tablet quantity at the start of Q2 with no orders being accepted after June.

As reported, just next month up to 300,000 units are suggested to be dropped with the same figure by the month after in May. At this present stage, it is unclear as to whether we can categorically say that this is definitely happening and why the decision? Obviously the iPad 2 launched some 2 weeks ago now and with plenty of up and coming tablets on the way, perhaps Motorola feel that the Xoom cannot hold its own?

Along side this, there has been rumor that Motorola may be bringing out another tablet replacement towards the end of the year, but again, this is only speculation.

What are your thoughts on the Xoom being cut back? Have you yourself purchased one or thinking of getting one? Let us know.

  • USER

    I was looking at the Motorola Xoom as a iPad 2 replacement but after hearing about his it can Xoom out the door. I will continue to wait.

  • Sammie

    Sadly, the news is that the Xoom just isn't selling well against the iPad.
    I'm so glad I didn't jump for the Xoom with so many tempting alternatives coming out of the woodwork. The new Toshiba is very interesting and the Super slim Galaxy shows just how fast Samsung have been at re-engineering the 10.1 tablet because they've updated it even before the first one has been available to buy!
    Apple fanbois will have to wait a WHOLE YEAR "using" their iPad toys while I as an Android fan will be able to buy a new Tablet every month. Well I won't 'want" to buy a new one every month but I don't see how I'm going to have any choice because the with the new Android devices being updated even as they are released, I won't be able to keep up with all the cool sizes and shapes and screens and processors that they're going to have.
    Dream on Fanbois, this is why CHOICE is so good for consumers; not being locked into a single vendor Device and Operation System working in elegant harmony.
    Another great thing about the Android supremacy is that I can buy apps from anywhere I want to not just one place. Also I can buy PORN if I want to without somebody telling me I can't have it.
    You can't watch PORN on an Apple toy except on the internet which of course is open to everybody.
    Not that I watch PORN (well just a bit) but I defend everybody's right to get PORN if they want it, which I don't.
    The other thing is FLASH, I've hear that someday, FLASH might work on Android devices. That might be a while coming but it's better that saying "Flash isn't ever going to be available" which is what Apple have said.
    Anyway, I don't envy people with iPads, I just hate their smug expressions while they twiddle away on their TOOLS looking as if they're having a great time. THEY ARE NOT! They are just playing with TOYS.