Modern-Day Pokémon For Facebook Users Set To Hit It Big

For many, social networking site Facebook is purely used for keeping in touch with your friends and loved ones, joining a group of interest, uploading those dodgy photos from a night out or even just a way of increasing your friends list in terms of numbers, but today, a new game has just hit the site. So far in the 4 weeks since its arrival, the game has managed to pull in a staggering 110,000 players with a 10% rise seen in growth every day thereafter.

Bring on the equivalent to Japanese game Pokémon. Back in the 90’s, many of you as I do, remember the initial hype of the game, that’s not to say its still not popular, and as Mashable reported based on the concept of this, 2 teenage boys Josh Buckley 19 and Tyler Diaz 17 have come up with a new idea of social game MinoMonsters.

On choosing your little monster, the aim of the game is to raise and train it along the way, with the skills needed to fight in battle against your friends monsters. The game will proceed with different and harder levels.

In a statement from Buckley he talks about Zynga, San Francisco gaming platform responsible for FarmVille and CityVille. He says, “Zynga, I think we can all agree, is fairly good at social games. But, what they don’t focus on is emotional engagement. You’re not going to find kids this Christmas begging their parents for a CityVille plush toy Pokémon, on the other hand, could sell anything with their name on it at the start of the decade.”

Although at this stage, MinoMonsters is not available on the iPhone and Android as a mobile game, there is suggestion that it will be with us in the not so distant future. The 2 boys it seems are waiting on the go ahead on $1 million in funding to expand their venture.

Have you seen and started playing MinoMonsters? What are your thoughts on it and news of it coming onto our mobile phones?