Microsoft Roll Out WP7 NoDo Update: Unbranded Handsets Only

For all you users of WP7 devices out there these last few weeks have been somewhat of a pain in the backside, Microsoft announced the release of their NoDo update to a selected number, then the lucky people who eventually go their hands on it experienced some pretty severe problems, it now appears that the company has rolled out this latest update again.

According to Slashgear this latest update has been rolled out to all handsets that don’t have this new software preloaded, this new update will bring a few new features and some much needed tweaks to user’s handsets.

The main feature which we should all know by now will be copy and paste, there are quite a few tweaks that will improve the camera performance, boost speed for applications and games, tweak Facebook, improve the Marketplace search and improve both the audio quality and Wi-Fi performance.

Although this update has been officially rolled out the guys over at Pocket-Lint say that only a handful of devices so far have received the over the air update, these handsets that received this notification all seem to be unbranded WP7 devices, so if you have a branded device you’re not likely to see this update before the end of the week.

With all the problems that occurred during the last launch of this update maybe Microsoft are staggering the release this time in case anything goes wrong again, What are your thoughts on this?

Have you received this update for your handset? If so has it made any noticeable difference to your phone?

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