HTC Thunderbolt vs Samsung Droid Charge: Desirability Decision

Choices choices, this is what most say to themselves when on the brink of exchanging their current phone for a newer model. Constant upgrades and increases in technology mean that we are spoilt for choice in the smartphone market.

While carriers such as Verizon have catered for most needs with the likes of HTC’s Thunderbolt 4G LTE, there is always another option that could steal you away from your final decision.

In this case, the contender standing in the way of the Thunderbolt is Samsung’s Droid Charge, which according to Phones Review has just been announced under the Verizon banner.

Features for the Charge include the obligatory 4.3-inch display, in this case Super AMOLED Plus, which is powered by Android 2.2. Camera’s come in the form of 8 mega-pixel out back with 1.3 mega-pixel commanding front line duties. Other options include proximity sensor, auto focus and LED flash, with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter pre-installed. WiFi and Bluetooth along with microSD and microSDHC slots.

PhoneArena gives a breakdown of the full specs which are not too far removed from the HTC. Like the Droid Charge the Thunderbolt also features 4G LTE technology with OS coming in the form of Android 2.2 Froyo. Camera specification matches the 8 mega-pixels with similar flash and connectivity capabilities.

So with both phones packing virtually the same hardware which one do you choose. Well as some will know the HTC suffered some reported problems with battery life and mobile hotspot. If the Samsung manages to run problem free it stands a good chance of stealing the Thunderbolts limelight.

What it comes down to is personal preference and which smartphone ticks the right boxes for you. Why not tell us which device you would go for?

  • DavidNJ

    Other than battery life the differences would be:

    1) The Samsung Hummingbird seems to have better graphics support than the Qualcomm Snapdragon, even though they are based on the same A8 Cortex core. In tests, the previous generation Samsungs bested the Snapdragon machines in spite of running the slower Android 2.1 instead of 2.2.

    2) All the manufacturers claim an upgrade to Android 2.3 is imminent, however Samsung has been notoriously late with OS upgrades.

    3) The LG Revolution apparently has Netflix installed. Available on iPhone and Windows Mobile, Netflix has not been on Android yet because of digital rights management support. It is unclear if either the Thunderbolt or Droid Stealth/Charge will have Netfilx support.

    4) The Samsung Super AMOLED plus screen should have more contrast and richer colors.

    5) The HTC has a slightly smaller case even though they have the same size screen. The Samsung is 20 grams lighter.

    6) Initial specs indicate the HTC has more internal memory.

    • guest

      sounds like you're leaning more towards the thunderbolt over the charge?

  • Droid Geek

    Not mentioned in the specs are the HDMI out which the Droid Charge does have and the HTC Thunderbolt does not.