Facebook Tops 2010’s Most Searched For Brands List

We are all well aware of the strength Facebook has when it comes to social networking and we just thought we would reiterate this with another stat. In 2010 Facebook was the most searched for brand on the entire internet, beating the likes of Amazon, YouTube and eBay.

A study was conducted by Experian Hitwise and they found that 3.5% of all searches were for Facebook, with that figure rising to 6% if spelt incorrectly like “Facbook” or if abreviated like “fb”. NMA has reported that YouTube was behind Facebook in the brands search, with 1% of all searches. Google’s video sharing site did however grow by 22% in traffic over the course of 2010.

Behind YouTube is eBay, Amazon, Argos, BBC, Autotrader, Sky, Next and then Tesco. You may notice that a large number of those searches are retilers, yet the top 2 are social sites, so it goes to show how big social networking has become on the internet.

With sites like Twitter also being heavily used it seems that social networking is the most popular activity on the internet; however i think those in the porn industry may disagree. One thing is for sure, social media is on the up and it will not be long before the list above is filled with social sites such as Twitter and Foursquare. How many of these sites do you use? Let us know in the comments.