Facebook Bans More Than 20,000 Underage People Daily

Facebook is currently the world’s largest social network, it boasts a user base of more than 500 million and to keep that bunch happy they are constantly making changes and improvements. Some of the ones we have seen recently include Facebook Places going global, suggestions of other locations when you check-in to a place and the removal of the post button on comments in favor of the Enter key.

They are just a few of the changes sweeping across the site and we are sure there will be more on their way. Facebook is also being used in a number of different ways. We are certainly seeing an increase in people being busted from their own stupidity by the law, which is pretty significant in the way the world is moving towards social media. Now we are reading that Facebook bans more than 20,000 underage people daily from using their services.

That is quite an astonishing number don’t you think? Facebook has a limitation of 13 years and up which you can simply work around by amending the year you were born. Over at allfacebook.com Jackie Cohen has reported on the incidents and says that an Australian Member of Parliament has suggested that Facebook should require teenagers to obtain permission from their parents.

Is that really the answer though? With the entire world moving towards social networking and social media why not remove the age limitation and let the younger generation sign up, they won’t see anything on there that they wouldn’t see in at the movies, on TV or when they are walking down the street. Of course this would only be an option if the younger people were a little clued up on who to avoid and the dangers of social networking. We are sure it’s one of the reasons the limitation still stands.

What do you guys think? Should people younger than 13-years old be removed from Facebook or is it time for a change? Let us know in the comments section below.