Apple TV Gets 4.2.1 Update: Say Goodbye To Flickering Screens

It seems lately that all of Apple’s products have been experiencing some technical difficulties, first it was 4th Gen iPod touches that had an issue with IOS 4.3 then it was the new MacBook Pro whose screen kept freezing. Lastly Apple TV started to experience some problems but now there is a fix thanks to the latest 4.2.1 software update.

This post from Engadget tells us that Apple TV users who were using a HDMI to DVI adapter had to deal with some very annoying issues with their TV’s, since updating their devices to the latest software update people have been noticing flickering screens and some audio glitches.

This latest software release from Apple hopes to address those issues and rectify some other underlying ones as well, according to Cnet the new features will fix the problem of the Apple TV not waking up from sleep mode and will also include stability and performance issues.

For those experiencing problems with these glitches on their device we strongly recommend updating to this latest software edition, to update your software you can follow this link through to Apple Support who will run you through the steps of the update process.

Although there have been quite a few problems recently with Apple devices we must praise them as they have seemed to notice and rectify these issues in a very speedy manner, what are your thoughts on this?

Have you been affected by any of these issues? If so how do you think Apple have managed the situation?

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  • Darryl

    Streaming NetFix on my Apple TV still freezes, kicks me complketly out of NetFilx to the Main menu at times. None of these issues occur with my XBOX 360, so it is definately not Netflix….like some like to say.