Zypad WL 1500: A Computer For Emergency Workers?

We at OSM love to report on cool innovative devices, some of the ones that we have seen in recent times are the Sneaker Speakers, the Microsoft Kinect working with the Sony PS3 and of course the Wireless charging table from Panasonic.

Today we have a new device to talk to you about, this one is called the Zypad WL 1500 and it’s been manufactured by Eurotech. We are wondering who the best target audience would be for something like that as Slashgear’s Shane McGlaun says it looks to be targeting emergency workers, people in the medical profession and government workers.

This device looks pretty cool but we can’t decide if it looks more like a James Bond style gadget or something that the Predator would wear! Anyway, joking aside and let’s have a proper look at this little computer. It boasts a large battery life long enough for an 8-hour shift that’s interchangeable should you run out of juice and a 3.5” TFT touch sensitive display running at a resolution of 320×240 that’s backlight is controlled by an ambient light sensor. It also runs on Windows CE 6.0.

Other specifications include WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity with GPRS and CDMA networks, it has a SIM card slot that’s accessible for GPS tracking, an integrated mono speaker with a microphone and as Slashgear say in their article, it has the option of running with an integrated barcode scanner or external ring scanner. Features like this mean that they may also be targeting couriers and delivery companies.

You can head over to the official website for the device at Zypad.com where you can learn all about the device. The handy little computer is set for launch in Q2 with no mention of pricing at this time, as soon as we know more we will let you know.

Who do you think the best audience for a device like this is? Let us know in the comments section below.