Samsung 9 Series Laptop 11-inch: Video appearance

We’ve previously given you details of the new Samsung 9 series , given a comparison against the MacBook Air, and asked if the rather steep price was worth it. Now we have news for you on the 11.6-inch Samsung 9 Series laptop, which is ultra-slim and looks pretty impressive.

To give the device it’s full name it’s actually the Samsung 900X-1A known more easily as the Samsung 9 Series 11-inch. This laptop has an 11.6-inch display and a Core i3-380UM processor, and news of it making an appearance came to us from Christopher Trout over on Engadget, sourced from Notebook Italia, and you can take a closer look by viewing the hands-on video below this story.

The Samsung 9 11-inch also has 2GB of RAM, 1366 x 768 resolution and although it was expected to have 64GB memory it’s actually sporting the 128GB SSD of it’s bigger brother. No news yet on when it will be available in the U.S. but it’s due for release in Europe from April 1 with a price of €1,200. If you want to find out more about the 9-Series 900X check out an article by Cisco Cheng over on PC Mag who has also had a hands-on experience.

What are your thoughts on the Samsung 9 Series 11-inch? Could you be tempted to purchase this ultra-thin laptop? Let us know by sending us your comments.

  • Lawcom

    Can't wait, exactly what I've been looking for and waiting for, when is it in the UK ?