Coca-Cola Will Invest More In Social Media At An Expense

There are more and more companies standing up and taking notice of social media and social networking. We have seen a few different retailers moving towards Facebook as a platform to try and boost their sales such as ASOS and FCUK.

Today we have news of Coca-Cola investing more in social media at the expense of their advertising campaigns. A report over on by Matt Rhodes where he has reported that in 2010 the massive household brand cut their ad spending by 6.6% to give more emphasis on social media.

A spokeswoman for Coke said that while TV is still an important medium for promoting their brands, many of their recent advertising promotions and campaigns and are now utilizing other online facilities like YouTube and of course Facebook.

It’s also mentioned that they will be launching their own social media focused network called Coke Zone which you can take a peek at on this link. This will be a platform not only for the huge brand to start to gain a following in the social media world. You can read more about the massive £177.8 million spent on advertising at

What do you think Coca-Cola’s strides in the world of social media? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Keitra N. Mcghee

    Coca Cola can take it all with the advertisement of what they believe in Happiness, Memories, Love, and everyday people who are dedicated to this Soft Drink, like me The Modern Day Coca Cola Girl……My Car, My Wardrobe and My Life revolves around this product.