Angry Birds Rio: Now Live For Download From Amazon App Store

In recent weeks we have been reporting on the latest addition to the Angry Birds phenomenon Rio a few times. We have told you of the secret level that was revealed at the Super Bowl, we then caught wind that it would be hitting the Amazon app store for Android devices.

Since then we have shown you how much the game has changed graphically as well as in terms of gameplay with a boss battle video. Now we have seen a report over on Engadget where Vlad Savov has detailed a report saying that even though Apple have been grumbling about it, Amazon are still going full steam ahead with the launch of its app store boosted by exclusivity of the latest addition in the Angry Birds series.

Today the app is free but as of tomorrow you will have to stump up $0.99 to get it. The new app store from Amazon kicks off with 3,800 applications ready to download. Engadget have a couple of links to Amazon and the actual download which is currently only available for US users although there’s an update to their article saying that the store has gone down and that it should only be some teething problems.

You can see more about the improved graphics and gameplay from an article over at PRNews by Jamie Pert. You can certainly see some massive improvements to the interface which is great to see, we are wondering how long it will be until we see even more improvements… Perhaps some kind of 3D version?

What do you think? Would you like to see a 3D version of Angry Birds or are you bored of the series now? Let us know in the comments section below.