Twitter Toast Incident: Staff Evacuate and Furiously Tweet

Earlier today we told of the top 100 socially networked cities in the US and noted the impact that social networking has made on day-to-day life. As a perfect illustration of that we bring you a story that shows just how much things have changed and it involves social networking giant Twitter and some toast.

Imagine a fire alarm goes off in your workplace. What would you have done 10 years or even 5 years ago? Obviously you would have evacuated the building first then probably stood gossiping with workmates to pass the time, or even rung a family member for a chat while you waited to go back in. However when a toaster recently set off an alarm at Twitter HQ in San Francisco, staff evacuated and then immediately began tweeting. This happened last week when a member of staff at Twitter burnt some toast that set off the fire alarm and led to an evacuation of the premises, according to Metro, sourced from Business Insider.

It seems rather ironic to think that after a mass evacuation, staff stood gathered in the rain furiously tweeting about the incident. Carolyn Penner, a Twitter communication executive tweeted, “‘Nothing like a Friday building evacuation in the rain. Damn toast.” Meanwhile Ryan Sarver, a platform/API engineer tweeted, “Quick math: 30 min fire alarm, 400 employees ~ $2500 for burnt toast. ooops,” and another tweet, this time from Dev staffer, Doug Williams, said “The fire drill at Twitter HQ now gives way to a tornado as the building pumps massive amounts of air to remove the toast’s smoke.”

We’re glad this wasn’t a serious incident of course but couldn’t help having a chuckle at the thought of Twitter staff out in the rain all busily tweeting away. What are your thoughts on this incident and have you ever turned to Twitter at a time like this? Let us know with your comments.