Twitpic Photos that Broke News to the World

In our article yesterday about user responsibility with social media in times of emergency, one of the points we made was just how immediate news is now, with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter being used to tell people about breaking news, or show them with a Twitpic, virtually instantly.

Whereas the first pictures we used to see of a major event were on the TV news now we’re as likely to what’s happening from a photograph sent from a witness as the event is actually taking place. With this in mind a collection of 9 important Twitpic photos has been put together by Amy-Mae Elliot over on Mashable, images which tell the story of important events that impacted the world. This concept has come to be known as citizen journalism, another example of this being an upcoming book about the revolution in Egypt, purely from tweets made by people watching the events unfold.

One of these Twitter photographs that instantly evokes memories is that of a plane that crashed in the Hudson River in New York, ‘Miracle on the Hudson,’ attributed to Janis Krum. It brought the news vividly to life and made us wonder how those people were going to get out. Thankfully everybody on the flight was rescued safely.

Another image is of the ‘Civil Unrest in Egypt’ from Mahmoud El-Nahas, where the sheer number of those pictured gave us in other parts of the world an indication as to the strength of feeling of the people of Egypt, especially when compared to the very few officers among them who must have felt extremely isolated. Another newsworthy Twitpic came from TVNX’s Charlotte Bellis immediately after the recent ‘Christchurch Earthquake’ in New Zealand. It’s particularly evocative as the dust is still in the air.

You can see the photos at the links and the remaining images at the Mashable link above. What are your thoughts about citizen journalism and have you ever taken a photo of a newsworthy event and shared it with the world? If so we’d like to hear about it so please do send us your comments.