The Most Explosive Growth On A Facebook App: Pushing Daisies

We have been reporting for the last couple of weeks on the fastest growing app, two weeks ago it was Badoo and then last week that same app remained in top spot. Badoo is a location based app that finds people in your area for you to chat away and flirt with.

Well today we have a slightly different chart to draw from, this one is ‘the most explosive growth’ chart and this week it’s an app called ‘Pushing Daisies’. As reported by AllFacebook’s Brian Ward has indeed had the most explosive growth with 166,047 as shown below.

Of course this app is to do with the television show and the app offers fans a place and opportunity to talk to other fans about episodes and to watch clips from the show. Whilst this app has topped the charts, it’s not the only one that has seen a significant rises this week.

Another TV show in NCIS Los Angeles jumped up to a following of 150,738 which puts it in second place with Oishi News Station hitting third position with 142,338. There were more as you can see from the above image and you can read more about them over at

What do you think of the most explosive app on Facebook? Are you a follower? Let us know in the comments section below.