Pre-Order Motorola Xoom WiFi-Only Now: Canada Benefits

As the iPad 2 starts to slip it’s way into the tablet market, we wait with baited breath for more slates to come and challenge the Apple device.

For those of you that are not bitten by the California company’s bug, there is still a range of tablets to choose from, one being Motorola’s much talked about Xoom. For a while we have been anxiously waiting for a tip off into pricing and release date, but wait no longer people as Engadget have reported on just the news that we have been waiting for.

It seems that Motorola has recently confirmed that its WiFi version Xoom will hit the shelves of Canadian stores at the start of next month.

Financial Post states that Xoom will likely ship on April 8th, which will fall in line with the iPad 2’s March 25th introduction and BlackBerry’s PlayBook that should see the light of day within the next couple of weeks.

Competition will be tight even with the Motorola slate being the first tablet device to run Google Android’s latest Honeycomb software. There is still speculation as to when the 3G version will follow, but hopefully it wont be too far behind.

Pre-orders are now being taken from Best Buy and Future Shop, with Canada receiving a price of $599.99, which will match pricing for the US. Tell us if you are waiting for the new Motorola 10.1-inch tablet?