New iPhone App Lets You Eliminate Drunk FB Updates & Tweets

We spoke yesterday about the EU’s new privacy law which allows you to remove embarrassing or unwanted data that regards you from the internet. Now we have an app which swiftly lets you remove drunk tweets and Facebook status updates in a few seconds.

Step forward “Last Night Never Happened” (LNNH), which is available on the iPhone and has been dubbed by Apple as “the morning after app.” It seems the perfect tool to hide your tipsy typing on the walk of shame home, or as you stumble throught the door in the early hours to let everyone asleep know how epic your night out was. Of course the app can simply be used to remove harmless unwanted posts as well.

The app works by erasing posts and tweets on your desired social networking account between certain times and dates. So if you wish to hide the events of Saturday night then just select the date and then remove posts or tweets between lets say 9pm and 4am, then you are good to go. Cnet has reported that you can even replace your previous posts with personalised messages.

The Last Night Never Happened app is developed by So Soho – 22seeds and is available on the iTunes store now for £1.19, where there is also a 60% discount going on so be quick! This looks like the ultimate app to save your dignity and reputation so get it now. Let us know if you pick up the app and if you have used it on your Twitter or Facebook account to eliminate your drunk posts yet.