Most Socially Networked Cities in US: Top and Bottom of 100

We’ve all noted the growing impact of social networking in everyday life but have you ever thought of just how many people are using it and where they are? If you have you may be interested to hear which city in the U.S. tops a list of socially networked cities and of course which city was at the bottom.

Men’s Health has done a lot of hard work and compiled a ranking showing the top 100 socially networked cities in the U.S. and you may be surprised at the results. The way that they compiled the list is quite involved so bear with us, but basically they found the per capita usage of Facebook and LinkedIn in the largest cities. With the help of NetProspex they then ascertained the overall Twitter use of each of the cities. Following that they also gathered data from ad network Chitika on traffic to sites such as MySpace, Digg and more and finally used SimplyMap to gather information about the usage of chat rooms and blogs in each city, according to Charlie White over on Mashable.

So down to the results. Which city would you imagine was the center of the social network world, tech-savvy New York City perhaps? No, the capital of social networking turned out rather fittingly to be Washington D.C. while New York City was a rather lowly 53rd on the list. The rest of the top five consisted of Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis and Seattle in that order. So who was bottom? From 96th position to number 100 in that order, step forward Bakersfield, Lubbock, Stockton, Laredo and El Paso.

For the full list of the top 100 socially networked cities check out the Mashable or Men’s Health links above. What are your thoughts on the listings and are you surprised by any of the ranking results? Where did your city come on the list? Let us know with your comments.