Missing 22-year Old Still Not Found: Facebook Sparks Search

Nowadays it is very easy to see where a person is and what they have been up to, with the growing trend for social media use like Facebook updates. With accessibility through mobile phones making “on the move” status changes just a click away, your friends can follow you throughout the day.

These updates can also give information on a different level, sparking questions when a particular user suddenly stops changing the page. This is certainly the case of 22-year old Sian O’Callaghan, a PA from Wiltshire who remains missing after a night out in Swindon on Friday evening.

Sian O’ Callaghan went to a nightclub by the name of “Suju” in Swindon with some friends, left at 2.50 am on the Saturday and has never returned. Police have now stepped up the search in Savernake Forest which as Metro reported, is where a call was made on her mobile phone. But what has worried the police, friends and of course her loved ones, is that the 22-year old, a frequent user of Facebook, has not used the site since Friday daytime.

Chief Inspector of Wiltshire Police “Mike Jones,” has spoken out by saying, “For Sian not to return home after a night out and not make any contact with friends or family is not only unusual for her, but is something she has never done before. Sian doesn’t appear to have any reason in her personal life that would indicate she might want to leave the area.”

To try and speed up the process of finding out information and any more clues as to Sian’s whereabouts, there is now an official page on Facebook.

Do you notice when one of your Facebook friends has cut back on their updates? Would it spark questioning in your mind?