Gmail Down In China: Secret Government Block

With all of the recent violence and demonstrations we have seen in Libya and Egypt, it looks like China have feared a potential uprising of their own and tightened their grip on internet control. The whole of China has said it is unable to access Gmail, but Google has confirmed there is no problem at their end.

It looks as if the Chinese government has blocked Gmail in the country, but attempted to disguise this as a technical problem on Google’s part. The search engine giant has however announced that they have no faults with their system and this is the work of the country’s leaders. A Google spokesperson said “There is no technical issue on our side, we have checked extensively. This is a government blockage carefully designed to look like the problem is with Gmail.”

The news about all of the protests in the middle east have swept through China, via social sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as Gmail which has been disabled as a result, as reported by Geeky Gadgets. It seems that the Chinese government, if they they are responsible for the blockage, do not want to publically admit they are behind the Gmail scandal as it could also lead to protests.

At this time we do not know when Gmail will be restored in China, and if an explanation will be given to the users who are missing out. It is only a matter of time before word breaks that the Google are not experiencing technical difficulties and it is in fact the government who are stopping its people from enjoying their email accounts. Will the truth cause anger and rioting amongst the Chinese people? Lets hope not, leave us a comment if you are in China and cannot get on Gmail.

  • @PmC_PSLS

    I hope the people do learn the truth and rebel, time to throw out that aging pathetic excuse for a government there.

    • Padrev

      '..aging pathetic excuse for a government there. '

      spoken like a true ignorant 'westerner'. I'm curious.. how exactly would YOU govern 1.3 billion people? Most Western countries (America, Canada, Australia and England inc.) can barely keep it together while China continues to thrive.

      I'm not trying to flame you here, mate.. but statements like yours have no place in today's world.

  • Kiltylake

    Leave sleeping dogs lie.
    If they decide to break out of their borders we are all in big trouble.

  • JIm

    i'm in china. I can access Gmail. Its pretty slow every now and then. But i'm quite sure its due to sub optimal connection speeds and shear volume of traffic : /

  • Padrev

    It's hit or miss these days.. but there is definitely something wrong. Fortunately I have learned not to rely on my Gmail account over here.

  • Hans Juergen

    since 6 day’s now my GMail is down, can’t logon even receive e- mail, privat or business, all my correspondence is over GMail, but now how to get my Contacts back even my e- Mails??