Facebook Chat: Hijacking Continues – It’s Another Scam

Facebook as we all know is the largest social network in the world, it boasts more than 500 million users and with that in mind they are constantly making changes. The changes that are made are to make things better and improve the overall functionality. Unfortunately it is also a target for a lot of different malware and scam threats to prey on unsuspecting users.

We have recently tried to help some of you out by notifying you of how to remove unwanted (Liked) hoaxes and malware from your Facebook page as well as how to hide your Facebook profile. Today we have some more news about everyone’s favorite social network and it’s to do with the Facebook Chat being hijacked in another scam.

We learned of this through a report on allfacebook.com by Jackie Cohen where she talks about people warning of Facebook Chat hijackings. Cohen explains that the latest one says “Hey, check out this girl, lol, she must be out of her mind for making that video!: bit.ly/fC1AmB.”

Cohen explains that the link leads through to another Facebook page running an application called Congood. Once you get to that page it prompts you to “Allow” or “Don’t Allow” as shown below. What we would like you to do is share this information with your Facebook Friends community to make sure that we stop scams like this spreading.

Notice from the picture that it requests access to your Facebook Chat; we would imagine this is present so that their clever scheming developers can use your Facebook chat to send their messages to your friends making your friends think it is coming from a trusted source. It’s a clever scam but not clever enough! If you have clicked on it then you will need to get it off so follow our advice on this link and we would advise running a virus scan as well just to be sure

Have you seen this popping up from a friend or have you been infected? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • pirateFInn

    I got this and it accidentally sent it to all my friends when i clicked on it……