Bill Gates Vs. Steve Jobs YouTube Rap Video A Hit

Here at OSM we bring you the best viral videos out there and have a new one in the making here which you should enjoy. We normally bring you YouTube’s finest like Epic rap battles of history and other sensations like Casey Heynes; however we have something a little different. An animated rap battle between the 2 daddys of tech, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs!

Jobs and Gates normally fight it out in the gadget market with big contests between things like iOS and Windows Phone 7, iPod and Zune or Windows and Mac OS. This time around we see them humourously in cartoon form, spitting lyrics to each other about their companies and selection of products. Check it out in the video embedded below, courtesy of Electric Pig.

The 2 bosses who are dubbed “Beatbox Bill” and “Sinista Steve” have had their rap battle on YouTube for 5 days and it has over 12.5k hits so far. It was uploaded by Albinal and may well grow in the coming weeks to become one of the best viral videos out there. It will be interesting to see what the real Jobs and Gates think of the battle if they saw it.

The question posed at the end of any epic rap battle is “who won?” So let us know who you think owned the mic, by leaving us a comment.