Twitter’s 5th Birthday: New Site & Celebratory Video

As you may know, today is Twitter’s 5th birthday and to celebrate they have launched a new look website and YouTube video to mark the occassion.

It was 5 years ago today that the first ever tweet was posted by co-founder Jack Dorsey, saying simply “inviting coworkers.” Since then the microblogging service has grown into a social networking force well up there with the likes of Facebook. Twitter, originally twttr, currently has around 200 million active users and a valuation of nearly $10 billion, according to Mashable.

We have embedded Twitter’s anniversay video which is called “Discover Twitter.” It features a range of celebrities like Richard Branson, Snoop Dogg, Serena Williams and Dana White who speak about why they use Twitter and how it helps them in everyday life. The general message is that Twitter brings people together and connects you with your friends, family and maybe even fans.

Due to Twitter’s video including a host of celebrities, it is likely to go viral and amass millions of hits in the next few weeks. To see a selection of the top 10 Twitter parody videos and trends from this week, follow the links. Be sure to also check out Twitter’s new launch of their website, and let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment below. Happy Birthday Twitter!