The Top 10 Trends On Twitter This Week Are…

As another week ends it signals the time where we take a look back at what trended on Twitter in the last 7 days. Once again we offer our thanks to Matt Silverman over on Mashable who summarises the top 10 trending topics each week.

As we predicted in last week’s chart, Japan has entered the chart and gone straight to number one, due to the sad and devestating occurance of natural disasters. A destructive 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit the Northeastern part of the country, causing 10 metre tsunamis that caused severe flooding. To add to the disaster, there is a radiation threat due to nuclear powerplants exploding. Our condolances and thoughts are with Japan at this hard time.

This week’s runner up is Rebecca Black who is another young singer who has found fame on YouTube. The 13 year old from Orange County has become a hit as her video went viral and had over 16 million hits. Football/ Soccer has made its consistant performance in the trends chart yet again, as the Champions League match between Bayern Munich and Inter Milan received plenty of attention. Also amongst the tweets was the news that Eric Abidal is set to undergo emergency surgery on a liver tumour. Fellow professionals like Kaka, Jack Wilshere and Cesc Fabregas tweeted their support.

In at 4 is another sad bit of news as the US rapper Nate Dogg has died aged 41. The hip hop artist had battled illness for a long time and fellow rapper Snoop Dogg has already spoken about the sad loss. UK Comic Relief is your 5th trend, with the charity event being staged like normal to help raise money for underprivileged people. BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles and his sidekick Comedy Dave, successfully broke the record for the longest ever radio show.

Moyles and Vitty stayed on the air for an amazing 52 hours, beating Simon Mayo’s previous record of 37 hours, raising over £2 million in the process. Tweeters everywhere showed their support for the pair as they raised a huge amount of money for a good cause. Both are Twitter users and spoke of their appearance in the trends chart during the broadcast. The 6th trend of the week is St. Patrick’s day, which was celebrated on March 17th in honour of the parton saint of Ireland.

The Harry Potter series has held its place in the chart, and sits at number 7 this week. The 5th movie which is The Order Of The Pheonix, aired on Indonesian TV which prompted viewers to tweet about several of the characters. Gilbert Gottfried has charted at number 8 this week after the comedian was fired for repeatedly cracking insensitive jokes about the Japan earthquake.

Satoshi Tajiri is the 9th top trend as it was reported that he was killed in the Japan earthquake. Tajiri is the creator of Pokemon, and Nintendo has confirmed thankfully that these rumours are untrue. We finish this week’s trends chart on another sad note, as Rita Guerro has died aged 44 after a long battle with cancer. The frontwoman of Mexican rock band Santa Sabina, died on Friday March 11th, the same day as the Japan quake. Thats a wrap for this week, lets hope next week’s chart brings happier trends. Leave us your thoughts on the chart and if you are surprised where the trends entered.