Panasonic TVs Get BBC iPlayer Through Viera Connect

For all you BBC iPlayer lovers out there who have a Panasonic TV, rejoice! The on demand service will be available through Viera Connect, so if your TV has it then you are in luck.

BBC are offering their catch up service app through Viera connect and this will be featured on all new models coming out soon, as well as existing models. Cnet has sampled the iPlayer being offered by Panasonic and have said that they were very impressed. Clicking on a program will open the information box with the option for standard of high definintion if the episode is available in HD. The picture quality is said to be second to none.

Expert Reviews has also reported that they feel the iPlayer on Panasonic is very impressive. They have said that the standard definition quality of the videos are better than that of Freeview, and this is down to the fact that there is little processing to do, this is also the case for the HD programs. To see more from the Panasonic iPlayer review, follow the links.

If you own a Panasonic TV with Viera Connect then you could be enjoying last night’s episode of Top Gear and last week’s episode of Doctor Who in HD, so what are you waiting for? Check out Panasonic’s offering of the BBC iPlayer and let us know what you think.