ZTE UK Release Date: Summer Looking Promising

If you cast your minds back to MWC 2011-we know it seems like a lifetime ago, we saw the appearance of an interesting new smartphone called the ZTE Skate, this device appears to be set for a UK release and we could have our hands on it by early summer.

According to Chris Hall, Wu Sa Director of mobile device operations for ZTE (UK) has confirmed that the skate will be hitting the UK in the early second half of 2011. Although no date has been set in stone the company has been in talks with all the tier one carriers from the UK, you can read more on this by following this link to Pocketlint.com.

This device could be set to be a very popular choice among Android lovers, running on Gingerbread 2.3 this phone offers users a chance to get to grips with some ginger action without breaking the bank, although this device is a cheap smartphone alternative it still packs quiet a feature filled punch.

This handset comes with a 4.3inch touch screen, Wi-Fi and GPS, 5 megapixel camera, built in compass and an 800MHz processor. Although this phone packs all these features the manufacturers have managed to combine them into a very sleek body that only weighs a measly 120g, to see the Skate in all its glory we’ve embedded a video below for you to watch.

As this piece of kit aims to offer a cheap alternative to other Android handsets we expect to see big things from it, although we don’t expect the the Xperia Arc or HTC Thunderbolt to be quaking in their boots.

What are your thoughts on the Skate? Would you Purchase this handset?

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  • http://www.fxexchangerate.com/ fxgeorges

    Haven't seen anything yet. Eagerly awaiting them though, nearly used up my 8GB with napster lovelyness. After SD HC I read something about the next standard being SD SHC (Super High Capacity). But definitely no annoucements about that yet.