Man Updates Facebook And Stops Robbery

In the past we have previously reported on the many interesting ways that social networking site Facebook has been used, now it appears it can add another notch in its belt after being used to stop a robbery after a user updated his profile status.

This incident is one of many of growing numbers where social networking has been used as an anti crime tool, we have previously brought you news of some of these other occasions such as the robber who posted pictures of himself on his victims Facebook page and the school boy who used Twitter to catch a phone thief.

The latest addition to this use of social networking comes from Georgia, it involved college student Nitesh Bhakta who was sitting at home one night and heard screams from his grandmother’s room. According to upon investigating these screams he found three masked men standing in the doorway of his bedroom.

Not having his cell phone to hand Bhakta grabbed the next best thing-his laptop, after making his way to the attic he then proceeded to update his Facebook with “HELP, ROBBERS, NO PHONE”. After a few messages back and forth one of his friends promptly called the police who arrived at the house.

After hearing the sirens the robbers made off but not all of them got away and one was caught, the other two are not expected to get very far as they reportedly left behind their cell phones. It would seem that not only is social networking on the increase as an anti crime tool, but also the idiotic people that commit these crimes seem to be rising to.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think you would do the same in this situation?

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