Lower Priced HTC Thunderbolt: Knocks Amazon’s $179.99 Off The Spot

HTC’s Thunderbolt has got to be one of the most highly talk about smartphones barring the iPhone 5. Having so much attention stirs up a variety of good and bad publicity and here at OSM we have covered the Thunderbolt’s rise, from rumor to fact.

One area that always gets us talking is pricing plans, and while Verizon listed a cost of $249.99, we spoke about how Best Buy would match that price but only for a limited time.

Next came information that Amazon had decided to smash the competition and drop their prices to $179.99 on contract. This may have been a shock for those that had already settled for the higher outlay.

But now according to Alan over at PR News, in an about turn Amazon’s own price slash has been shaved further with another retailer offering the HTC top dog for just $174.99. LetsTalk has been tipped to release the phone on a contract deal from today.

If you had already checked out their online product listing you will no doubt have seen the Thunderbolt up for $199.99, but as from midnight the price will have magically changed to $174.99. Surely the price can’t get much lower than this for a top spec device. For those who already have their 4G LTE device delivered for the full asking price it must be a bitter blow.

Let us know if you are confused about the seemingly endless price cutting or if you have managed to hold out on purchasing the HTC, and are now about to take the plunge?