GM “OnStar FMV” Hands-Free Mirror Get New Microphone

General Motors OnStar system may have been part of the range for a little while now but for those that have not had the opportunity to have it pre-installed into their vehicles the addition of the technology has alluded them.

It wasn’t until GM decided to release their latest blue buttoned rear-view mirror at this years CES, that this option became a reality. At the show GM announced the extra as “retail product” which according to Engadget left consumers with a rather vague title for such an advanced feature.

However the automotive manufacturing giant has had a rethink and relabeled the mirror as ‘OnStar FMV’ with the FMV quite simply standing for “For My Vehicle”.

The FMV enables fitments to every vehicle and supplies the user with all the blue button facilities such as Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance, Automatic Crash Response, Roadside Assistance and Turn-by-Turn navigation. All these features use GPS location response from the mirror.

As TheStreet states the system also connects via Bluetooth to your mobile device giving full hands-free call capabilities. The system has been slightly modified from the original design, now sporting an external microphone for better sound quality.

Pricing is set for $299 when it becomes available sometime this summer, with an addition $100 installation fee and $18.95 per month OnStar services subscription, or $199 for a yearly one off payment.

It may not be cheap but for some the benefits will out way the cost. Tell us if the FMV mirror would fit into your world?