Facebook Suggest To Friends: It’s Back… For Some

Any of you who are regular readers will already be aware of some of the changes we have reported recently with regards to Facebook. We have reported on the way they have removed the post button in favor of a simple tap on the Enter key, Facebook’s Places going global as well as the Places suggesting other nearby locations.

We have now learned that the ‘Suggest to Friends’ link is being toyed with; perhaps the development team are testing something with it as it is disappearing and re-appearing for some administrators. We learned of this through allfacebook.com’s Jackie Cohen, she says that there’s perhaps a controlled test group being used that might be the deciding factor of whether or not to re-instate the feature.

Cohen also says that the new version is a bit different in terms of appearance as it has taken on the same icon as pending friends request logo. The right was removed to suggest friends for administrators back in November it also went for the visitor to that page without returning until now.

If the result of their miniature study comes back well then perhaps both the ‘Suggest a Page’ for admins and also for visitors will be re-instated. We certainly hope so as it makes it quite a lot easier for brand recognition.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see it return? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • http://www.simplyzesty.com Niall

    Pretty sure it is just there for suggesting if you are the page admin no? Think removing it was actually a decent move by Facebook as it actually cut down on the amount of Spam!!

  • http://www.givejonadollar.com givejonadollar

    Of course it should return. It's hard getting fans to a webpage and many people don't want to invest too much money into a new website until it gets a feel fo what the market bears.