eReader Devices: Kindle Most Popular as eBooks Sales Rise

Here at OSM we’ve often reported on the rise of the eReader and particularly that of the Amazon Kindle, and just after Christmas we reported that it topped Amazon’s online sales. Now we have news of a survey that has concluded that the Amazon Kindle is indeed the most popular eReader.

We recently reported on the Amazon Kindle 3G eReader coming to AT&T on March 6 and also told how it would be sold by Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy in the U.K so we’re not particularly surprised that the Kindle has come out top as the most popular eReader device. However even we were surprised at how much higher it was than other eReaders. The survey came to us courtesy of Bibliotastic, a source of free eBooks on the web, and the poll involved 327 of its users over an 18-day period.

The Kindle was the top device for 43% of users polled, and therefore is more than twice as popular as other readers such as the Sony Reader and Barnes & Noble Nook, put together. Just 9% said their eReader of choice was the Sony Reader while the others combined merited just 9% too. As far as eBooks on other devices are concerned 20% used a laptop or PC while 8% used mobiles and another 6% used the iPad or another tablet device.

Bernard Gerard, co-founder of Bibliotastic, noted that the votes for eReader devices roughly equated with download statistics for eBooks saying, “Around 32% of our book downloads over the same time period were in Kindle format, well ahead of the 23% of downloads in the EPUB format used on the Sony Reader and most other e-ink devices.” It seems then that the Amazon Kindle is marching from strength to strength.

Meanwhile it seems that eBook sales are also rapidly growing as Christine Kearney reports on Reuters on figures from the Association of American Publishers, which show that in January, eBook sales rose by a staggering 115% as opposed to the same time period for 2010. Click on the link for more statistics.

Are you surprised at how far above other eReaders the Amazon Kindle rated in the Bibliotastic survey, or maybe you use a Kindle yourself and wouldn’t use any other? Let us know with your comments.