T-Mobile: Sidekick Demonstration – A Device Made For Messaging

There’s a device that has been talked about recently from T-Mobile called the Sidekick, this is a landscape focused Android focused device that we have reported on previously. The last report was compiled by OSM’s Maddy Rowe where she went into the details of what we know about it so far spec wise.

What’s clear from everything we have seen on the device so far is it’s being marketed as a device for messaging and social media. We found a report over on Engadget by Vlad Savov that talks about some of the specs and also mentions that the insides of it are made by Samsung with an Android 2.2 OS.

Looking at the device it’s quite stylish looking and has some pretty cool features. You just have to look at the design of it with the slide up mechanism and the fact that it can run on the 4G network to realize that this could in fact be a decent phone.

Over on the TMoNews blog they have detailed the unique stand-out features such as the group text, jump key, social media, cloud text and the Sidekick UI. This is a T-Mobile exclusive but we are yet to hear anything about prices and release dates although we expect they will surface in the coming weeks. In the mean time check out the video at the end of the article where you can also see the device hands-on.

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