Sprint’s New Half-Price “Overdrive Pro 3G / 4G” Router

Today an announcement as come through that American carrier Sprint with the joining of Sierra Wireless will be retailing a new router named the “Overdrive Pro 3G/4G” Mobile Hotspot designed to connect up to 8 WiFi-enabled devices at any one time within the home. Devices can range from tablets, gaming consoles, cameras, computers and so on. Taking over from its original predecessor the Overdrive, which coincidentally would allow just 5 devices to run off of it, will now be available from the 20th March.

To entice customers further not only will you be getting the full benefit of 4G support giving you faster connectivity from your tiny 802.11n router, but a 45% larger LCD screen giving out information such as juice life on your battery and how many devices are connected.

As Engadget stated, along with this, Sprint has revealed its prices which for this new model which will be halved costing you $49.99 after a $50 rebate with a 2-year $50 contract. MicroSD expandability plus built-in GPS will also be featured, along with new opportunities to stream your favorite TV show or film through Netflix or Hulu to your cherished device, play games in the here and now with a friend who may live the other side of the country, piece of mind that if working you can pick up 4G coverage on your portable device such as laptop or tablet and so on. Click here for more information.

Via Sprint’s press release, VP of Product Development for Sprint “Fareb Adib” said, “There are endless possibilities for how our customers can take advantage of the easy wireless connection to Sprint 4G through this small device. Teams can travel and share access on-the-go, families can be connected in one household with tablets, game consoles and televisions, and shuttle buses can provide Internet access to their customers while en route to a destination. With Overdrive Pro, customers no longer have to look for mobile hotspots because they always have one with them.”

For Sierra Wireless, Senior VP and General Manager “Dan Schieler” said, “Overdrive Pro, combined with the power of Sprint’s 4G network, is a valuable tool for both consumers and business users looking for the best way to stay connected on the go. It’s remarkably easy to get up and running, and with support for eight Wi-Fi connections and a range of up to 150 feet, it’s equally useful to a remote work team sending reports and presentations back to the office as it is to a varsity team posting highlights from their winning game.”

Are you tempted by this new router? Let us know your thoughts.