Sony PlayStation’s Facebook Backing Surpasses 10 Million

There are a vast number of people that enjoy Sony’s high quality great devices. The massive manufacturer is always trying to find new innovative ways of promoting themselves. You only have to look back to the advert where they were showing the Android bot with thumbs for the Xperia Play.

Sony like many others has expanded their reach from what they are best known for, electrical goods. They are quickly gaining a strong backing in the world of social media while standing by their good reputation. This brings us to their PlayStation Facebook page which has just surpassed the 10 million marker.

The PlayStation name is iconic in the gaming world, when you think back to the original Sony PSOne there wasn’t anything like it on the market, they continued to bring out updated models such as the PlayStation 2 and the current model the PlayStation 3. There are a lot of people that own the most up to date Sony console and we are sure that many of the people that ‘Like’ their Facebook page are gamers trying to get more information on new games coming out on their beloved console.

If you aren’t already a fan of the PlayStation Facebook page and you would like to be, then use this link and you will be directed to it. From there all you have to do is hit the ‘Like’ button to join their 10 million strong army of fans.

Are you pleased to see ‘PlayStation’ reach those dizzy heights? Let us know in the comments section below.