RSA Hacked: Are RSA Tokens aka Keyfobs Still Effective?

When it comes to corporate security it is something that companies take extremely seriously, they don’t want their systems to be compromised in any shape or form. That is one of the reasons that remote users rely on web authentication using things like RSA tokens.

For any of you that use them you will understand that a lot of companies not only your own add different stages of security and you will possibly have a four-digit pin number (which can be changed by admins) as well as the numbers that appear on your Keyfob to gain access through VPN systems. These systems are also at risk and you might be interested to know that the RSA number generation system has recently been compromised, which prompts us to ask a question… Are RSA tokens (keyfobs) still effective in today’s technologically advanced world?

Engadget’s Tim Stevens has added an article mentioning that the system hasn’t been totally hacked however it has had a sophisticated attack. He also mentions that RSA recommends that its customers beef up the security by enforcing strong password and pin policies.

You can read through a full report over on the RSA website where Arthur W.Coviello Jr. has added a whole load of information detailing about the attack along with other ways that security can be enhanced. He also says that RSA has taken a variety of aggressive measures against the threat in an attempt to protect the customers and they have managed to harden their IT infrastructure whilst working with the appropriate authorities.

What do you think of cyber attacks like this? Are you surprised that a company as big as RSA has been compromised? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • redverscurry

    Poking this security giant was a bad idea. I am positive their resolve and response will be swift and have major impact on the security industry.

    • Rick

      Doubt it, this administration continues as Homeland (coined after German SS) security decided they know best for the “good of all Americans” passed laws to prevent companies from such resolve Where is Ross Perot today after he made Bush look like an amateur? Silent if he wanted to remain in business. RSA was hacked get real folks it ain’t that hard…We can’t control our boarders much less a real cyber events. We a compliance based NIST stupid regulatory check box idiots while little green men eat our lunch. The end.

  • fsfs

    sounds like a nightmaare.

  • Eric

    Probably the Chinese. They hack everything else.

  • Rick

    It will become a far worse nightmare if RSA does not disclose to us the end user just what happened and how it happened. From there we piece together the truthful impact to our real security threats and mitigate it. Full disclosure is the only path to risk mitigation.