Motorola Xoom Coming to Sprint with 4G? : Rumor says yes

The Motorola Xoom, a tablet that has impressed many, has seen huge popularity since it’s release last month on Verizon. The 3G Android 3.0 Honeycomb device with 4G LTE connectivity to come later, seems to have found a niche and now we have news that many Sprint customers will have been waiting for, as it seems the Xoom may well be coming to Sprint.

The Android 3.0 Honeycomb device has received a lot of positive praise, although in our review roundup about the Xoom we noted that some were noting the potential of the device but at present it had pros and cons. Despite this it seems to have found a space in the market to contend against the Apple iPad 2, released only last week. Now Andrew Munchbach of BGR reports that an image of the Xoom with the Sprint branding has been spotted from Sprint Users forum member r0fl, who has supplied reliable information before, about previous products on Sprint.

Up until now the 3G Xoom has been available exclusively from Verizon Wireless but if this image is genuine, Sprint users may not have too much longer to wait. BGR also states that at present it’s unclear whether this will ship with WiMAX or whether it will be upgradeable with WiMAX later. Chris Davies over on Android Community also reports on the Sprint-branded Xoom and says there were rumors earlier this week that a WiMAX version of the Xoom was on the way so feels this could indeed ship with 4G. As far as a release date goes for the Sprint Motorola Xoom, the speculation is that it will be here in April, so could even beat the 4G LTE upgrade for the Verizon Xoom.

If you’re interested in the WiFi-only version of the Motorola Xoom, the release date was just confirmed as March 27 and it can be pre-ordered now. Are you a Sprint customer and happy to see the Xoom is likely to be coming your way? Let us know with your comments.