Justin Bieber Flavor Monster Beats Headphones: Want Them?

At OSM we have talked to you a few times about different headphones in recent times. Some of the ones that we have reported on include the new Signeo ones being promoted by Ludacris, the zip ear buds that try to take tangles out of your life and of course the new Philips FloatingCushion headphones.

It’s interesting that more rap and RnB stars are being used to promote the different styles such as the new ‘Sleek’ range from 50 Cent but now we have caught wind of a set of Monster Beats headphones with a Justin Bieber flavor to them, we want to know if you want them?

We know that the ‘Biebster’ isn’t everybody’s cup of tea however he does have a massive following and regularly features in our Twitter Top 10. That being the case it sounds logical to use him and his name in all sorts of areas, musical inputs being one of them.

The headphones are light and compact so you can use them at the gym or if you are someone who does a lot of travelling. You can read all about them on the HMV website so be sure to have a look. They have a pretty cool design and the Bieber version comes in purple.

Will you be picking up a set of Justin Bieber Monster Beats headphones? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Dunntexas

    i want those soooo bad!!! please give them to me