INQ Cloud Touch Pre-Orders For A Budget Facebook Phone

We at OSM have been looking at many smartphones in recent times one of the devices that has taken up quite a bit of our time is the HTC Thunderbolt. It’s a device that had delay after delay until it has been finally released and the Internet has gone crazy for it. Most people are trying to find the cheapest location for the phone and we think its Amazon Wireless as per our previous report.

With the world moving towards the current ‘IN’ buzzwords of social media and social networking, it seems logical that we will have a phone dedicated to the world’s largest social network although this was previously denied by the CEO Zuckerberg where he said that they would be concentrating more on a deeper integration with different devices.

Enter the INQ Cloud Touch that is now available for Pre-ordering, this device has been dubbed the budget Facebook phone. This is mainly because of the heavy emphasis on the Facebook app that is heavily integrated with the home screen as explained by Slashgear’s Chris Davies.

The device that is set to be exclusively for Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy has been priced and dated in a recent press release which you can view on It details that the device will be available from April 6th for £20pcm on a contract, £199 Pay-as-you-go or £299 for the SIM free version. Of course the other cell phone that has been dubbed a Facebook phone is the HTC ChaCha or ‘ChaChaCha’ in Spain launches fairly soon after.

What do you think of the INQ smartphone? Will you be picking one of these up? Let us know in the comments section below.